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Raised in Edinburgh, I grew up playing bars and clubs around town playing funk and rock music. I ran a costume club night called the 'Big Freak' in my late teens/ early twenties, where each night was themed differently. Over my mid twenties I matured musically with bluegrass/ celtic band 'The Southern Tenant Folk Union', touring around arts centres in the UK and Ireland and playing a couple of times on T.V. In 2016 I started my own group after moving to Quebec and have since that time worked as an independant artist and manager, bringing my music to different parts of the UK and then branching out to Denmark and Germany as well as to Canada. As a kid I grew up speaking Gaidhlig and reconnected with that in my 20's by staying around Skye for a bit and working on theatre shows and playing traditional music. There is always a little flavour of that in amongst my Soul/ Blues/ Americana inspired music. My favourite places to tour are small halls and arts centres, where you get to connect to the audiences more directly.

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